5. Things

What started out as a silly exercise that a therapist had me do for a case of recurring anxiety, turned into a really fun public art project. It’s pretty simple: list 5 things about yourself that you like. Here, you try: 5. things about you.


What started as drawings to cheer my friends up has blossomed into a line of t-shirts.  I still love the drawings.

Yuppie Graffiti

The Joule

There’s an apartment building in Seattle called The Joule. They insisted on lining their windowfronts with graphics in an effort to sell just how awesome it’d be to live there. The work below represents a playful dialogue, the first two posts are from May, the other from August. You’re welcome.

Post No Bills

You’ve seen the construction zones, which means you’ve seen the big, blank walls, begging for personality.  Even in Lower Manhattan.


Not everyone thought 2010 was awesome. So Leslie, Ryan, and I decided to make a short film about it.

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