Ohhhhh… THAT karma.

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Location:  Commissary (waiting in line for tater tots)
Time:  Today, lunch-ish
Scene:  Me running into someone in another department.  Someone who took my yoga class about a month ago.

Me:  Hey N___!  Good to see you!
Him:   You too!  How funny - I just sent you an email.
Me:  *Look at phone; notice no new email.*  Oh…guess I haven’t received it yet.   So, you coming to class again?
Him:  Nawww.  Not my thing.
Me:  Really?  Too hard?  (In my defense, I hear this a lot.)
Him:  No I just prefer the music thing.  You know, a class that’s more upbeat.


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4 Responses to Ohhhhh… THAT karma.

    joslyn hamilton says:

    Music is for unevolved people. Real yoga teachers don't need it.

    Anonymous says:

    By all means, he should go where there's music. In fact, I'd suggest he try a more "upbeat" Jazzercize program, or look into Richard Simmons videos.

    -For the record, I think Vanessa's class pretty much rules.

    peewee says:


    Well, according to our GURU Baron, you're really not a good teacher if you have to Hide behind your MUSIC! UGH! I would NEVER! MUSIC! I spit on you!

    Anonymous says:

    Music does rule. I would put some Death Metal in the Yoga program. Might be huge.

    (If so, please send royalties to: Anon Y. Mous)

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