Improv 201? Improv 20-Funnnnnn!

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You may have thought I had enough of the improv, especially since I crashed and burned in the last class. Oh no, no, no. That would be smart. I am neither smart nor funny. I might’ve mentioned before that I have to go to class after work which means WORK clothes which means TOOL. No one cool wears work clothes to improv. Last session I finally got wise to this and started bringing clothes to change into. Great, except that this morning I went to spin (I’ll save that gem for another time) and when I packed at 5:30 in the morning I only packed clothes for teaching and work. I can’t be held responsible for decisions I make before 7. Anyway, by the time I got to class, I realized that I only had the dressy dress that I was wearing to work, or my yoga clothes with flip-flops. I opted for the latter since we have to jump around a lot but I ended up freezing and didn’t have a padded bra to hide that little fact.

So I started off in my head and pretty much stayed there. You know how much I’ve improved since last time? Roughly zero. Serious. And I keep thinking it will be different. Since it could be different.

Well enough about me. The other students are cool, and the instructor funny. That’s all. (It’s much easier to talk about me. Ahem.)

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    John King says:

    …and you are a professional PROJECT MANAGER, right?

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