I do NOT have herpes

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I should probably explain. See, tonight in Improv class, we did these scenes where two people got on stage and closed their eyes. The teacher positioned each person on the stage. When he gave us the go-ahead, we could open our eyes, and then we were to build the scene based on information deduced about our placement on the stage. Confused? Stay with me.

So, this guy and I were on stage, and when I opened my eyes, I was on one end of the stage, and he was clear on the other side, in a corner. From this, I opened the scene with, “I just told you I have HERPES; not LEPROSY.” Which got a laugh and then we built the scene around him trying to avoid me and me trying to hook up with him again. All went well. The scene ended. And then I sat down and realized that the adorable guy who dropped into our class this week is probably backing away slowly.

Anyway, I thought I should clarify that I, in fact, do not have herpes. Not that there’s anything wrong with it — I’m sure it’s a very nice disease and all. I’m not saying it’s bad – I’m just sayin’ the light’s green over here. Note to self: STD jokes are only funny when you’re already married.


Speaking of improv, I went to class tonight feeling overwhelmed at my schedule and certain that life would be a little bit easier if I dropped it. I’m glad I’ve reconsidered. I had a moment tonight where I was like “f*&k it” and then I felt so much less pressure, which makes me smile.

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2 Responses to I do NOT have herpes

    A-Lo says:

    are you sure you don’t have herpes? cause i think you left some ointment at my house…i

    Jodi Fitzhugh - Photographer says:

    HAH! That was funny… I laughed out loud :)

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