Street art with legs by vanessa

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I'm in the infant stages of two new creative projects. One was borne out of a friend's father passing away last year. Sounds depressing, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be incredible. The other I came up with as a result of that cheesy exercise my therapist had me do last week.  In building the Wordpress site for it, I happened upon the wallsONwords site, and found a comment I hadn't noticed before.  Look at this stunning photograph.  It's for sale.  I hope someone has bought it.

This week with the rapist by vanessa


This week I worked on changing unhealthy thought patterns.  That's the kind of stuff cognitive behavioral therapists are good at.  Something about restating what is an irrational thought into a rational one or some such. The following was a wholly painful exercise, which I only agreed to do once he admitted that it was "totally cheesy."  I feel like we bonded in that moment.

So I had to write five things about myself that I like.  I came up with four, and then he added the fifth when it was taking too long.

It's my birthday! by vanessa

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I grew up in a horrible religion that deprives kids of basic things like happiness Jehovah's Witness, so it wasn't until I was 19 when I started receiving birthday presents.  As an adult, I have always felt really lucky to get gifts.  (Maybe everyone feels like that though?)  Anyway, I've received some really awesome things, and I thought I would list them a handful of them here, in no particular order.

  • For my 30th birthday, all of my friends took my yoga class.  I kinda sucked it, but it was a really good time.
  • Two years ago I received a KitchenAid mixer. I have made a f*ckload of ice cream because of that mixer.
  • Buenos Aires, Marfa, the UK, Saba, Brazil, snowboarding in Durango...
  • One of my best friends, Joslyn, is a woman of unbelievable talent.  She has made me the best body products. I LOVE handmade gifts.
  • One year, I assisted my first yoga workshop.  These days that would be torture, but at the time I was over the moon.

So that's just a partial list.  But this year, well this year my friend Kate has really outdone herself with the possibilities.  This tweet killed it.

I require a lot of help by vanessa

Here is a partial list of the professionals in my life.  The year is not over yet, so there's still time for me to add a life coach or something to the mix. * Acupuncturist (4, total:  1 each in LA, NYC, Austin, and Seattle)

* Therapist (Cognitive Behavioral)

* Aesthetician (2, total:  1 each in LA, Hoboken)

* Naturopath

* Hypnotherapist

* Dentist

* Allopathic doctor

* Accountant

Also, I read four and a half books on vacation!  This means I am literate.