You say yes, I say no / by vanessa

You'll either be happy or woefully bored that I'm posting tonight simply for the sake of posting. Not because I've got anything to say, really, but because I figured it's time to get back on the saddle again.

I woke up this morning convinced I was going to YES! my way through the day in honor of the book I just finished (Yes Man by Danny Wallace). Seriously - I had the best intentions. Unfortunately I hadn't quite woken up yet when confronted with my first, err... opportunity.

On the un-official SXSW board someone posted the offer to write for a webzine -- published articles are paid at $20 a piece. I sent the email to my friend April since she was like a journalism major and a good writer and all that. She took about 3 seconds to send it back, telling me to do it. Not only did I NOT say yes, I emphatically answered, "Hellz no." $20? That's less than minimum wage for how long it'd take me to write it. And then I remembered -- say yes! so I wrote her back and said of course, I'd love to submit a write up for them. Sucka.

Later I went to work. Maybe it was the HOUR-long commute today that put me in a state of eh-ness . I don't remember much from day except that it was one long sea of no's. Everything had a perfectly good reason: No I can't quit my jobS and go home to Seattle 'cause ummm, I kinda need to work... no I can't go to a bachelorette party because I'm already going to SXSW... no I can't have more patience...and on and on.) I did however say Yes! to Peanut Butter cereal and Yes! to getting stupid cycling shoes (though every part of me really, really, REALLY wanted to say NO to that one). And you know, tomorrow's always another day.