Write monkey, write! / by vanessa

A HUGE motherscratchin' thanks to all of my friends who came out to see me read my writing tonight. I was nervous and scared and excited and pretty sure that I'd get up there and throw up or at least pee in public. I did neither. So yeah, thanks. Especially to Scarlett and Leslie and TJ.


In other news, this morning we saw Flea at Intelligentsia. I hate it when you go to say hi to someone since for a split second you think the reason you recognize him is b/c you're friends until you realize that, no, loser, you're not actually friends -- he's just famous, duh, and then you just try to act like you didn't just almost say hi to him but it's really too late so now all you feel is stupid 'cause you're one of *those* fans. (Marginally worse? Over-analyzing it in line afterwards.)