why can't weekends be five days long? / by vanessa

Fun weekend. Alo just left. She came early for work, so yesterday we kicked off the day w/ breakfast, then pedicures, then Caryn's wedding. (More on that later.) April and I were both totally exhausted at the wedding until the wedding party and the younger folk headed to a (low-rent) bar afterwards. The two of us were basically wallflowers (to the chagrin of my roommate) until the DJ busted out the Tejano music, and then magically neither of us could stop dancing. And I'm not even brown.

Today I taught, then Alo, Renee, and me (just like old times, shoot) walked to Doughboy's where we ate an ungodly amount of food. I would rather pay less for smaller portions b/c I don't like leftovers anyway. (Exceptions: pizza and dessert.) Fortunately we had to walk back home so we were able to settle a lit bit before hitting A.O.C. for dinner -an Italian wine bar w/ Japanese-sized portions.


Caryn's wedding was so amazing. She looked beautiful and it was just cool in every way. Here are just a few of those ways:

1. Photobooth on site. We had a lot of fun w/ this.
2. Blueberry mojitos at the open bar.
3. The processional was Jurassic 5. Seriously.
4. Candy bar. Hellz yeah.
5. The groomsmen wore DCs but not in a cheesy way -- they looked so cute!


I'm SO in love w/ these shoes. I totally want them. Alo and Renee think they're ugly and I'll never have anything to wear them to. I say watch out - they're gonna be hot. What do you think?