Whoas honey peanut butter / by vanessa

Did you know that honey peanut butter w/out the apple tastes like fish? Trust me on this. I came home from this work thing tonight kinda hungry. Having burned through all the nuts in the house save Brazils (which I can't eat b/c they remind me of cockroaches), I pulled out a spoon and headed for the honey peanut butter. Yeah I know, pb gives me acne, so it's a good thing I like being alone. Honey PB is good w/ EVERYTHING. Seriously, I've eaten it w/ just about every kind of food you can imagine. Who knew then that it'd taste like a carburetor on its own? Not me. Anyway, what a disappointment. So I got the spoon, dug in, it tasted pukey, dug in again to verify that it really did, in fact, taste pukey, and yes - it did, then started blogging since I needed a PSA for the month of April. So here it is folks: Honey PB is best enjoyed with food or candy. Any kind of food or candy will do, just don't make the same huge mistake I did and try it solo. Consider yourself forewarned.