who knew?! / by vanessa

My morning began in fisticuffs as Ambitious Self heard the alarm go off and tried to pull Lazy (and Stubborn) Self outta bed at 5:40 a.m. to go swimming in the ocean. Swimming in the ocean at THIS time of day?! I mean 'night'. I mean... Are you out of your mind?! Lazy, (mustering up every ounce of industry in her... well, lazy bones) kicked it off with a sucker punch to the gut, stunning Ambitious. Initially. Not to be out-swung, Ambitious landed a swift left hook which pretty much knocked Lazy into 4 p.m.

I got up. I wriggled into my girdle wetsuit. I picked up my co-worker. We drove to the ocean. We met our other co-workers. We got in the water. At that's when it hit me -- how absolutely magical the Pacific is at sunrise. All the time I wasted avoiding could have been spent experiencing this quiet, massive force. I spent so much time and energy hoping that I could just make it through -- it never occurred to me that I'd actually enjoy it.

Anyway, I'll cut to the chase -- I swam and didn't drown. A half mile's gonna be a mug though. The good news is that I'm keepin' my rented wetsuit.