Whistle / by vanessa

Friday night: Met Sach and Scarlett out at La Poubelle for Happy Hour which for us unraveled into Happy Five Hour and for the owners and our waiter it was UNhappy Five Hour. Something for everyone. Our waiter, (who's humor, voice, and appearance made him a dead ringer for a friend of mine in St Louis), thought it'd be fun to f*ck with us give us riddles all night. Sample:
Q. What's made by someone who will never use it, seen by people who don't want to see it, and used by someone who can't see it.

My BRILLIANT answer? A Braille book. Thank you very much.

Our waiter's response? A glance that read, "You-are-a-moron-and-that-was-the-DUMBEST-thing-I've-EVER-heard."

"No," he said. And then he walked away.

Not content with shattering my ego just once, he came back and asked, "You want me to tell you?" Ummm, don't you have something better to do like stripping the brakes from wheelchairs or something?

Anyway, it's a coffin.

Saturday: Taught, saw Nina's baby (so cute), and researched my end-of-the-year trip, a country which my roommate considers "weird" because she's never known anyone to go there. I bet she doesn't know anyone who's vacationed in North Dakota either, but does that make Bismarck strange?

Sunday: Sachie's fiance, Josh, is an amazing dj. He plays all over the world, and also at this crazy house in Bel Air. I'm running out of flake passes so I donned my best matronly dress, impractical wedge shoes and headed to the hills. I think our experience (me, Scarlett, and Sach) can best be described in our word-for-the-day: WHAAAAA??? We had fun.

Then I took Renee for her birthday dinner (Happy Birthday, Nay!) to BLT Steak. I'll have to Yelp this place. You see, I was skeptical because it's a chain. She'd been there before and she really wanted steak so I agreed. Well that, and you can't really argue location when you're taking someone out for their birthday and stuff. It'd be rude.
To the review:
Popovers: incredible
Chopped salad: delish
Creamed mushrooms: seriously?! insane
Dessert: 2d4
Belly: pukey. I couldn't even eat my beet salad, yo.
P.S. Because I'm that kind of roommate, I also got her tickets to see David Garza on Thursday night. She's a fan. Way, way, WAY back in the day I was too. I am not now. I'm telling you this so I can get a collective "wow, you're really cool" from my three readers out there.

And that is it... my weekend play-by-play. Exciting stuff, folks. Exciting stuff.