Where I've Been... / by vanessa

This is a list of all the places I've been (blue), want to go (green), have lived (maroon), or couldn't care less about (default). What you'll notice is that my wish list vs. actual is about 4:1. And since I'm over a 1/3 of my way towards the grave, I better get crackin. I like this application because it puts things in perspective.
A few observations:

1. The map is a little misleading since for Canada and the US it breaks out its provinces and states (respectively) as if each (state) were its own country. Typical.

2. I've been to most of the United States, and those that I haven't I have no desire to go to, save Alaska. Sorry North Dakota. I have a firm belief that one should see his own country before trotting the globe.

3. I wonder if this website's owners mine all this information and then compile it for national tourism boards. For example:

Dear Socotra,

No one knows who the f*%k you are. You should sell some commercials, maybe something along the lines of: "Socotra: The peaceful Middle East."


That's just an idea.

4. It's awfully hard to want to go to a place you've never heard of; I've not heard of a lot of places.

5. Africa, once again you get the shaft. In fairness, you're a HUGE continent, so you can't expect me to want all of you. Plus you have lots of social unrest, which is a turn-off. I'm not like my friend Paige who'll dodge landmines to teach a kid natarajasana.

So that's it for now.