What I know about johnking / by vanessa

Well now I'm just posting for no good reason.

Tonight was the second to last Improv 201 class - meaning we have our performance a week from Sunday (March 2nd). And herein lies the dilemma: I have teacher training that same Sunday. So I either miss training (which I'm paying a jesusload for) or I miss my final performance. Some facts:

1. I bombed Improv 101's performance.
2. I love teacher training.
3. I am scared of the stupid last performance.
4. I drink grape kombucha before class in a sad attempt to get a little sauced up. You know, loosen the nerves.

So, what would you do?


Did you see the lunar eclipse? I was going to get a picture with my camera phone but then it'd be like, "Oh nice, you took a picture of the dark. That's really awesome." Anyway I liked it when I couldn't see the moon.


Re: Johnking

1. Something random about him: He's a saintly driver.
2. Which song or movie he reminds me of: A Scanner Darkly.
3. A kind of alcoholic beverage to share with him. Coffee with some kinda kick in it. The coffee's for him. The kick's for me.
4. Something that only makes sense to him and me. Gosh I don't know where to start AND this is a public forum so it wouldn't be cool to make fun of anyone here... so I'll just say "Nick and Jessica."
5. My first memory of him: Not sure, but I'm sure he was wearing your John Lennon glasses.
6. What animal he reminds me of: Well, because he's lanky, I'd say a cat. But because I know him, maybe a kangaroo. He's agile, dexterous, and clever. (P.S. I know next to nothing about kangaroos.)
7. Something I've always wondered about him: How do you do it all?