Waterloo Sunset / by vanessa

Last weekend was SXSW.  In years past I have done a daily blog.  This time around, I guess maybe b/c I was focused on other things, I couldn't keep up.  And now, a week past the event, I'm going to keep it simple and just list the bands that I saw.  Notice that I could not have seen all these bands if in fact, I had fallen asleep at 10 every night as my "friend" likes to think.  One night, people.  One night.   I fell asleep at 10.   I think I was roofied.

Ruby Isle:  No.  
Modern Skirts:  A great way to kick off SXSW
Giant Cloud:  What a jam band should sound like.
Book of Black Earth:  Just kidding.
Warpaint:  Huh?!  A girl band?  From LA?  Yes, kids, yes.  Now sit down and prepare to have all of your pre-conceived stereotypes annihilated.  
The Morning Benders:   If Lennon and Ono had children and those children didn't look like Sean Lennon, they'd look and sound like these brothers.  They rocked.  

The Veils:  Hearts, man,  I see hearts.  Too bad they're junkies.
Holly Miranda:  Unh uh. 
The xx:  Sigh.  I really wanted them to just kill it.  It didn't happen.  Maybe a few more years playing together will bring some depth.

Jukebox the Ghost:  I think this was the name of the band with the booty-poppin' lead singer.  Mesmerizing.
I could have sworn I saw more than one on Friday.  At any rate, Friday night we drove to Waco to get 1/2 way to Ft. Worth for a funeral on Saturday.  This sounds really odd, but I felt so blessed to have been in Austin so I could attend.  (RIP, Pete Durham.) 

I have never had such a solid Saturday at SX as this one.  I just kinda got lucky.  (Not in that way.)
Matt Pond PA:  Hot.
Total Abuse:  The name says it all.
KIT:  Eh.
Best Coast:  I liked.
Real Estate:  Oh, Real Estate.  I missed you in Brooklyn the weekend before.  Now I know exactly what I missed.  You delivered.  Somehow even you make Blind Melon sound good.  
Home Video:  So.  Much.  Fun.  Especially the impromptu dance party.
And, last but not least... HOLE:  Jesus, I didn't expect to like Courtney Love.  She won me over by opening with Big Star's "13."  (RIP, Alex Chilton.)  In case I'd forgotten what a rock star was, she reminded me.  Well done.

And, to close, my flight was supposed to leave at 7 a.m. but it was cancelled.  Something about the weather in Dallas.  (Yes, it was snowing in Ft. Worth last Saturday.)  The only way I could get back to LA before Tuesday since all the flights were booked was to fly out of Dallas that night.  Which meant renting a car and hauling ass.  The good news is that I got a yoga class in and saw my friends and their kids.  

Until next time, Austin.