waterlogged / by vanessa

You know I must have tons of work to do because it's Sunday night and I'm blogging. This is the general problem with going away (even business trips) for any period of time greater than an afternoon: upon your return you're besieged with catch-up work. For me it's not just the work -- it's also the guilt that sets in because I'm trying to balance a yoga teacher training, frickin' improv classes, teaching yoga, getting my own practice and exercise in, and then fitting all this in with the thing that actually finances all that other stuff: my day job. (Which I love.) This is a pretty tired pattern -- scheduling stuff, then getting overwhelmed, then finishing stuff and *swearing* that I'm NEVER going to do this again, then waiting ohhh, 3 months or so, then repeating. I feel exhausted just typing this out.


Last night I hung out w/ AnnMarie -- a really cool girl I know from Level 2 who was in town for Saul David Raye's teacher training. (I swear I'm so amazed by all the friends I have in my life b/c of yoga.) She asked me about how I like dating in LA. I like that she assumed I have been.

Anyway, I'd love to tell you what I told her since I have some pretty funny stories of my virtually non-existent, but still pathetic un-date escapades, but really there's no need to get mean. Today I thought about writing a column about dating, like, "Look! Fun for everyone!" And then I realized that that'd be great for pretty much everyone BUT me, and also there's that thing where you probably need to go on dates to write about them.

I want to be clear that I'm not whining here. I know there's likely some deep-seated psychological reasons involving Freudian and Jungian and a whole bunch of other -ian theories for why it's been a relationship wasteland here in the 90025. I hear my friends loud and clear who tell me that if I want to date it's probably not a good idea to vacation repeatedly with my ex-boyfriend. I get that my schedule doesn't exactly scream "spare time". I know that if I want to meet a straight yoga guy, I should probably practice in a straight area of town. And I guess it's because of all of this that maybe I'm not actually interested? I gotta tell you it doesn't feel like it's all that important 'cause I could end up being Mother Theresa or the Dalai Lama (you just never know) and then I REALLY wouldn't have time. I'm not saying I'm avoiding it on the chance I might end up enlightened -- I'm just saying given that I spend a tremendous amount of time trying to figure out how to convince my facialist that I just could be the next Gandhi, that doesn't leave a whole lot of drive for much else, you see.