viva les diagonals / by vanessa

Tonight I picked up Alo's little brother, Ryan, from the airport and zoomed him past 30 or so Pizza Huts to his show at The Knitting Factory. He's a guitarist/sometimes-songbird for the Diagonals. Dang - I should have bought their cd. Watching them, it took me back. I missed Austin. I missed my friends. I missed going to Emo's on a weeknight.

And then I saw some other people at the show that I knew from Austin through friends, but who now live in LA. Transcript:

Me: Hey!!! How are you guys?
The wife: Oh my gosh!! Wow! How funny running into you here! (Feigns excitement.)
(Husband walks up. Wife gives "look" to husband. Big smile.)
Me: I know!! Hey ___, these are my friends, Renee and Ryan.
The wife: Hi!!! (To both.)
The husband: Hi! (To both.)
Me: So, where are you guys living?
The wife: Mid-Wilshire.
Me: Oh cool. I live like, at Franklin and Highland.
(Oh. They didn't ask.)
Me: Do you like it?
The husband: Yeah...We love it here.
The wife: I'm gonna go get a beer.
The husband: Yeah - me too. (Full beer in hand.)

Anyway, here's Ryan in his run at the helm (sorry for the lame 2mp Blackberry picture):

I work with a girl who has run daily for over 2 years, straight. I feel like such a loser. I'm going to bed so I can set my alarm and pretend like I'm going to run in the morning.