viva la nachos. / by vanessa

I received the following IM from one of my co-workers today:
[B]y the way, you apparently missed the boat with this one. maybe if you had a little ingenuity in you, this could have been you.

A smarter girl might be offended. Not me. And while that one's a boat I don't mind missin', it did get me thinking about why I really don't care that some guy is sitting in his living room watching a DVD of three lovely ladies bending and stretching, and did I mention bending? You see, it's kinda the same way I feel about hybrid cars: I do not care if you only bought yours so you could ride in the carpool lane -- the end result is still that you're reducing your emissions, and then we all benefit. Similarly, because I believe in the inherent goodness of yoga, if it's all you can do to WATCH some bends here and some twists there, it's okay because I have to believe that eventually, some good can come of it.* (Yeah, I know, I'm walking right in to the innuendos, seventh graders, but see if you can get your mind out of the gutter to at least consider my point.) Maybe it results in someone trying yoga for real (which I think is pretty likely). You never know.

*Either that or I'm delusional, which I'm willing to entertain. Regardless, I'm still not offended by this video. I won't go so far as to endorse it, but it's also not heresy either. And if there were only two choices, I'd much rather see someone just try and strip (no pun intended) the spirituality from yoga than to serve it swathed in religious pretension.