update / by vanessa

So much for blogging my way through NAB. Turns out, it's not nearly as exciting as SXSW. So here's a quick rundown of my highlights:

  • Drinks: Too strong.
  • Craps: Great team sport.
  • Wheel of Fortune: The only slot machine worth playing.
  • Products: Oh yes, why I went to Vegas in the first place. IMM impressed me once again. Slick interface, and lots of cool tricks.
  • Ego: I could have walked in with Alice Cooper make-up and still have gotten looks. This says nothing about physical beauty and everything about the absurd ratio of men to women.
  • Sleep: I miss it.

I'm sooo tired, especially on the heels of our move last weekend. (Speaking of which, our new digs feel like more of a home in one day than our other place did in two years. Odd.)


Yesterday one of my best friends got some terrible news. It sucks it that I've been travelling and I can't be there, and I really wish I could.


P.S. Happy Belated (for the blog, anyway) Birthday, Apelina.