Unique oven goodness / by vanessa

I taught the coolest class tonight. Not me *coolest*, I mean, it ended up being really fun to teach. I say that as if it's not always fun to teach, which I mean, mostly it is, but I place emphasis on "coolest" because it was one of those classes where you feel like you're practicing too, even though you're not. It's like a wringing/rinsing out. If you don't practice yoga or you don't teach then this is probably all really boring and/or weird and/or gobbely-gook. (Take note of the term "gobbely-gook." It will likely be the last time I use it.)


In other news, F**KING RAT. Motherscratcher left ANOTHER dropping in my cabinet. At this point, he's toying with me. I can't even deal with it. I'm gettin' owned by a rat. A rodent. A nasty creature that has NO friends. Seriously, WHO likes a rat? No one, that's who. I bet rats' own mothers don't even like them. As soon as the momma rat gives birth she's all like, looking at her little ratlets and is like, "You're kinda gross. You should probably leave now." And then she kicks them with her hind legs, and they're all pissed and all blind and s*it (because they're newborns) so they wander around bumping into stuff till they get old enough to grow nasty rodent teeth and a long crusty tail and end up in my office either eating chocolates which aren't theirs or like using my desk as a port-a-potty. B*tch, I will not be mocked.