Two more quick updates: / by vanessa

1. Perhaps the difference b/w enlightenment and otherwise is expectation? Meaning, maybe what holds us (okay, me) back is the expectation that enlightenment comes in a certain package, the kind where you're recognized for it, and when you walk down the street people are like, "Wow, what a huge golden aura you have! You must be very enlightened." So when it's not that, well it feels like you couldn't be further away from truth? But really it doesn't look anything like what you expect it to look like and if you can just drop the anticipation it'll appear? Just a thought.

2. In a weird twist of coincidence, the dude that makes High Country kombucha was stocking it at the Whole in Westwood on Saturday. Totally trippy b/c this woman walks up and was like, "Are you Steve (his name coulda been Matt or John or something else) from High Country?" And he was all like, "Yeah." Then she said, "Oh I LOVE your kombucha -- it's the best stuff out there." He asked her what her favorite flavor was and all I could think was "Gojiberry sucks," so at that point, I have to be honest -- I stopped eavesdropping. And with that, I blew my opportunity to get to the bottom of the Case of the Misnomered Kombucha. I should mention that he looked like a nice enough guy and I felt really bad that I gave it low marks. It's rough work being mean.