tuesday/weds/whatev / by vanessa

Cleanse? Gone.

Friends Update:

Yay!!! Tera's coming here in early August! I can't wait!

I"m lucky - Alo's here now and Hannah's coming in. I should prob clean and stuff. Fortunately Hannah is low-maintenance like that. Tomorrow night I'm taking Alo to Katsu-Ya -- the one in the valley. Recent conversation:

Alo: Umm, (evens her lipgloss), is it better than Uchi?
Renee: (Sneer), dude, every place in LA is better than Uchi.

While not entirely true, as much as I loved Uchi when I lived in Austin I have to say, there's some really fine sushi in these here parts.


My roommate is in Costa Rica for the next 10 days which means I'm renting out her room while she's gone. Just kidding.


With summer approaching, I am thinking of best roadtrips. Here are a few of my picks:

  • Hwy 1 -- LA to PG/Monterrey
  • Hwy 1 -- Oregon coast
  • Portsmouth to Maine
  • Driving into Palm Springs at night
  • Austin to Big Bend

What are your favorites?