Truth seeking / by vanessa

This past weekend I finished Gandhi's auto-biography. I can feel its effect on my life, yet I suspect that I do not know the magnitude of its impact on me.

Getting high and teaching and/or practicing yoga is bullshit. It serves no purpose, other than that of a warning, and I am unconvinced by arguments otherwise. Getting high at teacher trainings? Especially lame. You're cheating others of your presence, but mostly you're cheating yourself. It's that simple. You can make all the excuses you want about it bringing you into your body, into your senses, but if this is your experience, you have never been in your body or in your senses in the first place. Else you would know that this artificial state you've created is just that. When you're high, you are not inspiring truth and growth in your students or yourself, and if you think you are, your ego is lying to you. What are you so afraid to see? There is another way.