Transatlanticism + Fireworks = Rad! / by vanessa

Tonight I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see DCFC. I'm such a loser hipster that sometimes I drop bands when they get too big. And I'm not really into their sound anymore. DCFC is a casualty. But Dre got tickets for cheap. What the hell.

Boy was I glad I went. They played with the LA Philharmonic. Having a 50-piece orchestra rocks. Which means that you could put Muse in front of the LA Philharmonic and they'd sound good.

So here's what I liked: they closed w/ Transatlanticism and right when it got to the crescendo part fireworks started going off. Like the real kind. It was dope. I was happy. That's like one of the tightest ends to a concert. Like don't even think about playing another song, you know?


Sorry I haven't been writing much lately. I've been thinking about stuff.