tonight i think i'll walk alone, i'll find my soul as i go home / by vanessa

I know I claimed to have written my last fb post, but it's such a rich topic. I am forced to re-think my earlier position.

Yesterday my friend posted pictures we took at a rollerskating party about a month ago. I untagged the scratch out of myself primarily because, without context, it looked like we were filming some trashy B movie. (How exactly do you explain in captions that crawling on the floor is a joke? A very, very funny joke.) Plus I didn't like my outfit. Somehow it worked in the mirror before I left home and in the hour between my house, a party, and then the rink, something went horribly wrong.

And lastly? Co-workers, dude. Co-workers, family members, yoga students, friends-of-ex-boyfriend... you know, all the people that I'd prefer continue to see me as the absolute angel I totally am, thank you, and don't need pictures suggesting otherwise.