to y or not to y / by vanessa

I have to type quick because, surprise, I'm really tired. Just got home from the restaurant at Chateau Marmont, which is now my favorite restaurant in LA. Why doesn't the whole city go there? Maybe b/c valet alone is 12 bucks?! Jeez.


I've had to write a yoga bio many times for various websites or promotional flyers, that sorta thing. Tonight I was talking to Hannah and I was daydreaming w/ her about what my real yoga bio would look like -- the one I'd love to write but that no studio owner would publish. I think I'll change mine on my website to something like this. Here goes:

I didn't grow up on a commune, nor have I been practicing since I was in the womb. Most days I don't see the Divine in everyone; hell, I can barely write my own name without a cup of coffee first. I don't have the answers to my own universe much less anyone else's. And yeah, yoga has changed my life but that won't mean anything to you, or at least it shouldn't. So I'll tell you simply: I teach because I love the practice. I BELIEVE in the practice. So if you want to come, please do. It'll be great. And if you don't, okay; that's cool too.

And then I bow and the crowd roars, cheering my simple eloquence: Rahhh rahhh rahhhh! Great speech! Rahhh rahhhh.... And then I feel all warm and fuzzy because I'm *so real* and ballsy even though in real life I wake up and the truth is I'm just like everyone else, which turns out to be not such a bad thing.