This bugs me / by vanessa

Because I am a social media girl through and through, and also because I hate to be an asshole commenter, I am taking to my blog to wuss out on an issue I have a very strong opinion on.  See this image?

I screen-capped this from Facebook, where it's been making its rounds with significant support.  Notice that the poster said, "Strange how I was blocked from sharing this..."

To which I would like to say: PEOPLE, WHY DO YOU THINK FACEBOOK IS "FREE?" Are we so arrogant as a society that we believe Facebook should be a public service? You opt in to use it.  There is no money exchanged for it. How do you think companies who charge no money from their user base make money? By selling ad space alone?

With Facebook or Google or any other company to whom you pay ZERO currency to use their services a) you can go ahead and assume they're selling your data and b) you have the right to stop using their services. Just don't get mad at them for developing a sustainable business model in which you knowingly partake.