Things to do when you want to avoid real work... / by vanessa

You know what I did tonight?  I mean, aside from watching Tuesday night's episodes of The Hills and The City, and watching the Celtics beat the Lakers?   I made a tank top.  Or really, I fashioned a tank top.   I was forced into it because I needed to do *something* creative instead of the one creative thing that I actually should have been doing, which is to work on my piece for this looming art exhibit that I'm in.  I probably won't even wear this tank top.  I probably *will* wear the sentence that I was supposed to re-write tonight, the one that tumbled around my head like tennis shoes in a dryer.

Conveniently, I'm now really sleepy, so I guess that sentence will have to wait until tomorrow.

Here's a look at my most recent distraction.   Before:

And, after*:

*Kindly forgive the hair, the countenance, and the like, general un-photogenicness of this photo.