The Un-Comedy of Comedy Writing / by vanessa

As my Artist's Date for this week, I attended a writing panel tonight called, How To Write Comedy, or something similar and equally as dry.  Anyway, I actually had a good time and here's the practical info I took from it:

1.  Write consistently.  Like, daily.  Preferably first thing in the morning before your judgy mind starts working.
2.  Write with a partner.
3.  Being blocked is a cue to sac up and just write.   Basically a block is synonymous with fear:  of failing, of not writing the perfect thing that will never require a re-write.  The best way to break it is to write anyway and plan for a zillion edits.

This one hit me since I haven't been able to finish this thing I've been working on for months but I really, really want to and it's depressing because the words won't come out.  I'm going to try and be patient and just keep writing around it.

That is all.