The Swim... / by vanessa over. THANK GOD. My face (circa December 9, 2005) nearly froze off. Jesus have you ever swam in 60 degree water? I hope you never know what it feels like. Anyway, I'm really just whining since I basically ended up nearly last in my heat and I'm completely bummed out that I didn't train. BUT, I finished.

A couple of days ago Havis made me promise to never commit to another race/event/engagement that I knew going in I didn't want to do. Fine, I said. No problem. And in what I can only ascribe to the same kind of madness that makes women give birth multiple times, I got out of the water and mere minutes later I was committing to a 10k in 3 weeks. I'm a runner, I reasoned. Except that I really only run a couple of times a week and never over 4 miles, so I'd have to train for it. Do I really want that right now? No, no I do not. Well I might, so here's my out: I'm not going to commit to it. If I train and it happens, I'll sign up. Else, I'll be content w/ my very full life.

Oh yeah -- for my non-LA friends: The celebrities I saw today (competing): David Duchovny, Ed Helms (from the Office) and Pam's ex-fiance (from the Office) and the Bachelor (the triathlete cryer one).