the sun'll come out tomorrow / by vanessa

I'm kinda watchin the Grammys. And I just looked up to see Amy Winehouse accepting an award wherein she thanks "... my Blakey, who's incarcerated." Wow. My Blakey, who's incarcerated?? That's like, sad, and umm, funny at the same time.


I learned a buncha cool shit in teacher training today (e.g. plank to uttanasana, no mat, with your feet on a blanket and a block between your calves -- try it, it's hard). Noah Maze is incredible. Aside from his exhaustive knowledge about the body, he's very practical about all the philisophical stuff, and just like, real. I feel a little lost in this program, sometimes, but I'm really happy to be there.

Noah talked today about the importance of a home practice. Guilty. My home practice is basically handstand here, pinchu there... or, when I'm playing. Ocassionally I'll sneak a few sun salutations in as a last resort, but for the most part, I don't do it on my own. And I've got that little nagging voice inside my head reminding me that my mat's right there -- waiting for me. So I'm going to just commit to at least 15 minutes on my own each day for 21 days - (independent of a class) to develop a habit. I really do believe it's important to be your own teacher and experience the postures in a way that isn't coming from someone else's experience.

Here's an Anusara joke. My gift to you.

Q. How many Anusara yogis does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A. One to teach *how* to screw in a light bulb; one to demonstrate screwing in the lightbulb; and a whole bunch to clap.



P.S. I didn't mention it last Tuesday, but for those of you who could vote, I hope you did. And if your primary is coming up, well more time for you to make it happen.