Texas Fight / by vanessa

This is one of those moments where I wish I was in Austin. The 'Horns just beat the Buckeyes. We watched the game at uWink, which reminds me of a Japanese sports bar and happens to be Hollywood's chapter for Texas Exes.

How did I end up a Texas fan not being a Texas Ex? I'm not sure exactly. I remember visiting my dad in Dallas one summer and being charmed by a Longhorn logo. And then I met Havis and he had the cutest accent and hated all things Aggie (barring women, of course). And then I moved to Austin - a place I really love(d) and made a ton of friends, all of whom went to Texas, and well, I guess that was that. It's hard to live in Austin for any period of time and not like UT. The other day a friend said that he grew up in LA but didn't grow up liking UCLA. It's not quite the same -- Austin is not even a 1/4 of the size of LA. Unless you went to some other Big 12 Texas school, the attraction is inescapable. So there you go.


In other procrastinations, I should be writing my article for www.evolvethe.com right now. Maybe I'll write about how freaking scared I was in yoga this morning to do a pose I've done before. Grrr.