Terrible / Perfect / by vanessa

I spent last weekend in Seattle. Here's a recount, in the event that you're bored.

I got in on Friday and met L for yoga. In LA if you want to sweat during yoga, you basically have to either go to Bikram or practice in plastic garbage sacks. I forgot that Baptiste yoga is heated. So when L asked me ahead of time if she was going to sweat and I said no, I basically had no idea what I was talking about. Or I like the element of surprise. After yoga we went to Monsoon for lunch and a beer. There's something really fun about having a beer at 1:00 on a weekday. Breakin' the law.

On Friday night I hung out w/ my friend, C. C has two pretty hip girls in junior high. They're fun. Here's a sample conversation:

Emily: Mom, who were the mean girls in your school?
Me: Umm, your mom WAS the mean girl.
C: Oh, tell them that's not true.
Me: Okay, it's not true. (*cough* lie *cough*.)

Saturday I got up early to go on a hike w/ my friend, R. And by early I mean we didn't start until 10:30. That's what happens with procrastinators.

This was the best part of the hike. (It's the top.)

This was the worst part of the hike. (It's my owwie, albeit 2 days later.)

After the hike I got ready for a trip to Kent for my reunion. I didn't go to Friday night's prom-like event, but I did go to the casual Saturday thingy. I'll save the details for another blog, and just say it was cool to see old friends. I ended up leaving early to go to a friend's party. I drank Coors Lite at the party with zero irony.

Sunday I saw my friend W for coffee. I've missed him. After coffee, I went back out to Kent to see my friends (congratulations, S!) and my mom. She made me soup. Soup is good. Especially when it's raining. I like rain. It's not time to move home.

Okay, I'll stop writing like a fifth-grader. I'm off my game right now, I know, but I'm confident that consistency will break this writing block I've got.