take action and then ask for help / by vanessa

Tonight it's another brilliant full moon. I do love a good full moon b/c it means intention setting! Plus it's pretty. I like writing things down on a little scrap of paper and then burning it on my deck in the shadow of the huge office building which blocks any view of the actual moon.

There are many perks to living in LA and today was chock-full of them. I got up this morning and got a smoothie and an English Tea latte w/ soy from Jack n Jills. I took my latte and my book to the ocean and read. I had planned on taking Saul David Raye's class, but Shiva was subbing for him so I took her instead. Where else does that happen?! Then I went to get a massage from Ellen whose subtlety is genius. Lunch at Leaf followed the massage -- it's like this really good raw food restaurant and I had the yummiest smoothie (dates, banana, and almond milk). Then I went to the sauna (they heat it to 140) at the Shiatsu school where I broke my first decent sweat since living here. And now home. Plus it was like 75 out. I know I should want winter to be here, but I still haven't forgotten the wind-slapping chill of Boston so this ridiculously long summer is working just fine thank you very much.

My roommate got surgery last week and now she has a maxi pad on her shoulder. It's totally hot.