sxsw vol. 9, day 2 / by vanessa

It's noon which means time for the 1st show. We're @ Homeslice, homie. The Teeth are setting up. It's cold and I'm in shorts but pizza and beer are on the way. The best thing about day shows (next to them usually being available to the public) is the atmosphere: the beer flows freely and there's a general festivity amongst the crowd. Like we're all on Spring Break without the tequila, antics, beach, and shameless hook-ups. Okay, it's nothing like Spring Break.
Anyway, Teeth are fun to watch, irreverent lyrics w/out being precious, and reminiscent of the Kinks, which I like. On to Volume to see Nada Surf.


I'm standing next to two music execs who are talking about their portfolios. Awesome. Here we go - acoustic set.

Damn. That was great.


Destroyer now.


On our way to Red Eyed Fly for Big Sleep. Or I should say we're on our way to wait in a long ass line. I just wanna let you know: The Hot Dog Truck Is Open.

Big Sleep? I defy you to try.

Heading outside for A Place to Bury Strangers - a band who I'll like even if they suck b/c the name is so good.


Nap time.


Back @ Emo's for Jens Lekman, the mostromantic songwriter ever. He starts off w/: "Can I ask you a favor? Can you not record this show and put it on the internet? I'd like this to be personal, between you and me." Sold. The only two swedes I know of have really wry senses of humor which I take as a sign.

It's 9 and we're at Beauty Bar for Thieves Like Us. While I'm waiting I'll fill you in: Dre got in after missing her flight last night, lesbians have gotten cute(??) and ubiquitous, and Stoneys has ridiculously good pizza.

Thieves like Us turned out to be a little too electronic for what I'm feelin right now. Walked over to Mohawk to catch Throwing Me Statue but even the badgies couldn't get in. Fortunately it's outdoors and the wristbands line is right by the stage and we can see through the fence. Score 1 for us.

Johnking just made it out! Oh - Throwing Me Statue good - I should mention that since I'm blogging about music and such. Man it's awesome to talk to my friend. After the show we walked to 4th hoping to catch MGMT but line was impossible. Over to see Magic Wands where we met up w/ Hav and Lance. And now to Ale House for Liam Finn. Wow. We got right in. Alo wants me to tell you that she's walked around a lot and has seen nothing. She advises that if you want to be sure to NOT catch the best show, follow her around. Also, her boots are making her hot. I'm looking outside and the line is really long. Feels good to be on the other side of that.

I've decided that one of three things will happen for next year:
1. I kick it day shows only (read: free).
2. I somehow finagle a comp'ed badge (see a pattern?).
3. I stay home.

Only 2 days in my lower back is hurting. I keep thinking: inner spiral thighs, tuck tailbone, which reminds me that I have to teach tomorrow at 8:15 and I should probably lay off these grape vodka/ soda waters. Heading to see English Beat.

Got here for Electric Touch, which I'm recording for posterity only b/c they blew. Their pelvic thrusting made me feel like I should shower.

English Beat is fun. A haven for the middle aged, apparently. In fact, as I type they're singing Smokey Robinson. Good times. Especially b/c I saw Britt, which, if you've known me for any length of time, know how happy that makes me.

On way to see Bedroom Walls.
I'm draggin.

And I'm out.