sunny day real estate / by vanessa

I am sick. Conventional wisdom would have me sitting in bed eating chicken-less noodle soup and finding out what happened with Whitney and Jay on The City. But it was such a beautiful day in LA today, I had to get outside. So instead I employed a technique popularized by Type A's around the world: I attempted to sweat it out.

I started the morning off w/ a run. I have been trying to run up Runyon Canyon. I didn't have THAT in me this morning, but I did get in some hill work, albeit minor. Then I met Sachie for the longest yoga class ever. The teacher had some killer ninja moves, but I really just wanted to hang out in child's pose. From there, we went to Urth in Santa Monica, (home of LA Moms in Denial About Being Moms club), where I got my favorite tea latte: African Roobois. Afterwards I went to dance class, which was fun, frustrating, and totally kicked my ass. I had planned on following that w/ restorative yoga, but my friend cancelled and I didn't have it in me to go on my own.

So now I'm home. I can confidently say I feel zero percent less sick than I did last night. On the upside I caught some air in practice today, and I now have this cute little 8-count dance routine to practice. *dink.*


India in 12 days. Holy...