sunday stuff / by vanessa

A couple a' weird/cool things about living in LA:

1. You have to consider Oscar traffic. I can't imagine living in Columbia, MO again (Go Tigers!) and thinking, well, if I take Stadium I'll run into all those damn limos.

2. I've written about this one before but since it happened again, I'll say it again. I like when you're taking yoga (or in my case, *I'm* taking yoga) and Wah! shows up to lead some kirtan. Today, actually, she was there to talk to us about the 5th, 6th, and 7th chakras and then we did this chanting of "Ma" which caused this cool experience in my pineal gland which I've not thought about before as a gland but rather just as my plain ole 'third eye'. Wow. Did I just type all that? In the event you're wondering if that little jem is "weird" or "cool", I can't says I blame you. You decide.


Lastly, I'm not trying to be a hater (which means that you'll soon hear a "but"), BUT, Juno - Best Original Screenplay? Really? Juno *sounded* like a 28-yr-old-trying-to-sound-like-17. That being said, I'm glad that the super cute Ellen Page won yesterday at the Independent Spirit Awards, and, for what it's worth, Diablo Cody's hair is rad.