sugar is puke / by vanessa

I totally tried to make it through a whole day w/out any refined sugars (damn that Seane Corn - I prefer avoidance). I nearly crushed it and then Dre went to Doughboys and brought me home some red velvet cake which is my FAVORITE. I stared it down for all of 3 seconds before I rationalized that a) I never go to West Hollywood and b) it's a gift. The rest is history. Rats that I didn't eat it all so I either have to convince Dre to eat it or I just have to make peace with it. (I know you wouldn't suggest throwing out red velvet cake. Sacrilege.) I secretly hope I'll wake up in the morning allergic to sugar or something stronger than a glucose headache since I'm way used to them. They don't even phase me anymore so I'm praying for hives.

I called today to book a cleanse weekend in the desert but the place is booked through President's Day and I'm gone that weekend. This is what I do -- I eat so much sugar (cupcakes, anyone? junior mints?) until I get really sick and then I feel like I need to do a cleanse to set it straight. What I lack in discipline I make up in neuroses. Anyway so now I don't know when I'm going to get to do one -- yes I could do the Master cleanse but that's way too hard. I need something where someone feeds me pills and juice and I don't have to drive and it's all in a nice package so I don't have to think either. I need something where I can sleep through fasting and wake up, three days later, feeling awesome. How did Gandhi *enjoy* it?


Ooh my friend Caroline came in town today. She looks so happy and just adorable. She is one of the coolest girls I know for sure.