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I just returned home after the second day in two-day workshop called "Breakthrough", held at City Yoga. As the name implies, the workshop focused on physical and spiritual breakthroughs. In fact I made it into a few postures I assumed were reserved for people with hamstrings of silly putty (a club I don't belong to), so that was cool, but also the structured meditations helped me in a way my home practice has not. So that was cool, too.

Carolos Pomeda, the former monk who was co-leading the workshop (responsible for the spiritual stuff), is a true gift. You know, he makes all these esoteric ideas about karma and destiny and fate and dharma practical. He's funny, compassionate, wise, and... he lives in Austin! I wish I had known about him before. A couple of concepts that stuck with me from the weekend (though I recognize that w/out putting them in context, I'm doing a slight disservice):

  • You can change your destiny through awareness
  • Karma is not your destiny

At any rate, if he's speaking in Austin or you ever get a chance to work with him, please go.

I should also note that Anthony Benenati, from City Yoga, is such a badass. This is, I think, the third workshop I've taken from him. A) I love how he mindfully pushes you further than you considered reasonable or possible and B) Damn! he knows so much about alignment. It's inspiring.


My friend Joslyn sent me this link and I signed up. I love book clubs but I swear to God if I added ONE more thing to my schedule, I'd end up Britney. So that this is online makes it accessible. Anyway -- go to If you sign up, let me know so we can be book pals.


Thank you to all of you who voted my mom's recipe. That sure was kind of you! Btw, I made it and it's pretty yum. I just got the regular box of brownies instead of the peanut butter brownie box, so I substituted peanut butter (in fact, White Chocolate Peanut Butter). It all worked out beautifully.