Spills and thrills / by vanessa

2007 Checklist
1. Take snowboarding lessons.
2. Invest in a neck brace.
3. Practice yoga. A lot.

I just returned from a really fun weekend to Colorado to see my friend Leslie. I flew in Friday night and our BIG plan was to hit Vail on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, then head back to Boulder Monday night and chill. But, apparently Denver got a little snow last week and something about the airport being closed, and so I didn't get to Boulder until 3 a.m. on Saturday morning. And naturally we talked until 4, so we were in no condition to drive to Vail until late afternoon.

We stayed at Leslie's friend's house in Vail which was really sweet b/c a) very nice digs, and b) it was a bus stop away from Vail Village. Sunday morning we hit the slopes bright and early, like say 11-ish. I felt so out of my body -- it was weird, really -- I couldn't even put my boots on without some drama. However, if you're going to be awkward do it when no one's around to crash into, and fortunately, there was NO ONE on the mountain (the lone perk of Denver's recent storm). I'd like to blame my clumsiness on the altitude, but I bet it was my infrequent practicing -- the last few times I've gone up I've kicked so much ass and I was practicing like every day. Or that's how I remember it anyway.

So I'm riding along and I barely remember what happened but I bit it. Hard. I wanted to cry but the concussion knocked the tears out of me. I recall something about whiplash but really it's all a blur. I picked myself up, got down the mountain and stopped for lunch. Leslie and I brownbagged it which is the only way to go b/c mountain food is puke. Think school lunches without the tater tots. We ate and went back up a few more times till I bit it again, hitting the same spot! My teeth now feel like I need braces again. Whatever, I scraped myself off the mountain, called it a day and we headed back in.

Monday we got up early to get a few hours riding before returning to Boulder. Except I couldn't move. My neck felt like someone took a sledge hammer to it. Owwie. I was popping arnica like it was Darvaset. Which blew, b/c I was *this close* to showing Vail who's boss. Oh next time.

Last night we made a really yum dinner and watched The Secret again. This morning my neck feels much better. So, on my agenda for the next few weeks: yoga yoga yoga. I can take a hint.