Somewhere there's a mala down the line / by vanessa

My friend Leslie just left this morning. We pretty much mala'd all weekend which means my arms may actually fall off from all the chatturangas and stuff. We liked the Global Mala. Two major developments I must report on:

First, Leslie talked me into taking Kundalini w/ Gurmukh BEFORE we did the 108 Sun Salutations. Big mistake. As you know, kundalini is weird, but I did it anyway since I like to keep an open mind and stuff. (Hypocrisy noted.) Gurmukh, a 60-something sprite with more energy than a wind farm, started us out with 24 minutes of dancing while keeping our hands raised in the air. Yeah? You try it. Then 16 minutes of push-ups, then abs, then finally holding our hands up in prayer position w/ the thumbs at the third eye (forehead center) for 7 minutes. By that last asana we were all completely beat down, though she didn't seem to notice. She urged us: Elbows up! This is important work! So I kept those poor suckers up, up, UP! in case some poor baby in Africa died as a result of my weakness. Butterfly Effect and all that. Which brings me to my point: despite all of this, I've reconsidered kundalini. It's prolly still weird, but I'm down w/ it.

Second, oh High Country kombucha, you've had your day! They had a booth at Global Mala and I agreed to give it another shot -- third time's a charm, yada yada yada. This time I tried ginger flavor, and folks, we have a winner! Yummm. Very smooth. And in a subtle yet clear way, the rep casually mentioned (he is a salesman, after all) that if "you are going to drink GT's, then don't get any of the fruit flavors because the way it's bottled with fruit juice basically turns it into alcohol and also their fruit juice is from concentrate." I stand corrected.