Say something sad, Nelson / by vanessa

This weekend the consulting firm I work for held our annual meeting in Palm Springs.  Some of you may be tempted to write Palm Springs off as a sort of Florida for the West Coast:  an AARP haven, tricky golf carts, and trolls.   

You'd be right.
AND it's so much more.  
Dude, it's on the cusp of Joshua Tree, so there's that, and we stayed at the Parker.  Or, Le Parker Meridian , I should say.  The place where only a week earlier Lindsay Lohan was violating the terms of her parole and rooms were being trashed in the name of Coachella-style rock & roll.  All this is to say, if you have to do work on a weekend, do it at the Parker.  Heck, you might end up on a reality TV show.
I really don't feel like recounting the last few days so here's my abridged version:
I had fun.  Oddly, I am tired.
Thursday night:  Hung out w/ Christine, Leslie and my friend Leslie at The Movie Colony hotel. Rad.  If in PS and unwilling to spend $300 a night for a trendier, bigger version (which, unless it's being paid for, why would you?), go to the Movie Colony.  Reasonably priced (especially when splitting the bill), impeccable service, and chill.  
Friday:  Headed over to the Parker where Leslie sat poolside all day, mesmerized by the six LA housewives waxing spiritual on how you can feel good about spending several hundred on a shirt since Eckhart Tolle's new book covers just this sort of thing when he tells you to "live in the now."  I'm pretty sure that's not what he meant, but you know, I could be wrong.  (I'm not.)  Anyway, I worked all day.  Got some great ideas from our sessions, played some fun games, yada yada yada.  We had our big dinner Friday night, where most of us drank too much and danced, fists pumping, to ummm Bon Jovi.  (I would not do this sober.)
Saturday:   Finished our meetings.  Debated.  Then four of us (Leslie, Christine, Renee's Christine, and I) hiked Ryan Mountain in Joshua Tree.  The best.  Apparently I missed beer pong, which I'm certain I would have dominated, but the hike made up for it.  
Sunday:  Drove back *early*, taught, met Joslyn and her new boyfriend at RFD for lunch, went shopping, saw them off, then went to Sachie's to work on Anusara teacher training stuff until almost 1 a.m.  I am not even close to finishing my notebook (I colored in Palm Springs for godsakes), but I'm plugging away.   
In fact, it's calling right now.  Outtie.
P.S. Angela:  I paid $4.07 for gas here today.  $64 later...