Saba Days - Day 4 / by vanessa

First things first, please wishlist the short write-up my friend Joslyn and I did for  If we win I think there's a trip to Hawaii in it.  For me, of course.

Early this morning we had a great rainstorm.  Given that I get all my news from Facebook and Twitter, I learned that LA is also steeped in rain.  I was bummed to miss it until I realized that I'm getting my share here but without all of the traffic.  Anyway, after breakfast Havis wanted Scrabble revenge and he got it.  (Except that I beat him by more points last night.  I mean, whatever.)  The game ate up 3 hours of precious time but neither of us was willing to quit first.  When we finished we hiked into Windwardside to pick up our snorkling gear.  Taking the dirt trails is supposed to be quicker than the roads; it isn't.  They're also a pain in the ass because by the time you get into town you're now tired, sweaty, and muddy.  The upside is you get to see lots of cute goats along the way and I'm *this* much closer to being able to run Runyon on my return home. 

George picked us up from the dive shop and drove us to Wells Bay where Saba's only beach is located.  To call it a beach is like calling the Clippers an NBA team; it's really about a 50 yard stretch of sand that for a few hours a day is not covered in tide.  One of the most remarkable things about Saba is its virtually non-existent crime.  We set our backpack down on the dock (containing my wallet, Hav's wallet, sunglasses, my Texas Longhorns hat... you know, valuable stuff) and left it there while we snorkled for ninety minutes.

Today's water trip was probably the best I've ever had for aquatic sitings.  Here's the list:

  • Trumpet fish
  • Barracuda (too scary)
  • Stingray
  • Lots of sea turtles (schildpad!)
  • Nurse sharks (or, as I thought they were called before I came to Saba, "nerf sharks" -- as in, the toy company)
  • Cowfish
  • Some lesser known, B-list fish

Tonight we had our last Saba dinner at Eden.  Evidently it's a popular spot for other Queen's Garden folk.  We saw a Belgian couple and three of the waitstaff from the hotel there.  The food was really good.  The best dinner we've had on the island. 

Tomorrow we head off to St. Maarten for a night.  I'm not ready to leave this island...
Every year my company takes an annual trip appropriately called "The Annual."  It's a time where we work for about a day and a half and also drink a bunch.  This year's trip was this past weekend, so obviously I missed it.  I'm told I missed one helluva good time.  I want pictures, Mrs. Robinson.  (Don't hate.)