Rhyming haiku awww yeahhhh.... / by vanessa

Weekend gone I am sad.
Head is scrambled that is bad.
Big Sur Friday, rad.


P.S. As if I needed anymore evidence that the Universe is so scratchin' AMAZING. I just got off the phone w/ my friend Ruth. I spent like 30 minutes telling her about my last week and how I'm seriously (this time I mean it) SO over being a people-pleaser. Like I just have to do what's right for me and deal w/ the consequences of that else I'll wind up bitter and exhausted (which I'm on the cusp of).

Anyway, so I hang up, walk over to my computer, and open up iGoogle. One of my widgets is Google How To's. And this is the How To listed for me today. Perfect.


P.P.S. To my question "Dude why is anyone interested in Victoria Beckham?" Dre responds "David Beckham." She is SOOOO right.