Read here for your (one-week late) Bachelorette update / by vanessa

Well, because Sam's in my class, and April updated her Facebook profile, I couldn't help but remember that I haven't watched The Bachelorette in a while. So, while the rest of America (or at least those that read Us magazine and drink apple martinis) tunes in on their HD sets, Renee and I catch up on the Internet having eschewed TV for a simpler life. That, or we were just too cheap to pay for a 3-yr satellite contract.

A-n-y-w-h-o-o.... I watched last week's episode tonight. And because *someone* needs to say it, here goes:

To Ron, the 36 yr old barber shop owner from KC, who INSISTS that she didn't "reject [him], she just chose other guys," uhhh, dude, I hate to be the one that breaks it to you, but that's what rejection is. Inherent in choosing someone else is saying she doesn't want you.

I know that's harsh but it's way better to be honest than to muster fake positivity about it. Why? Because rejection isn't the end of the world. It's a fact of life, it's going to happen, you learn from it, whatev, you feel the pain, then you move on. Ignoring it or like, making up some bullshit excuse to make yourself feel better only makes it worse. Then the rejection turns into shame, and shame's such a mug to shake, so the world's just a happier place if you, Barber Shop Ron, are just like, "Hmmm... sucks it, she didn't want me," and then you go back to your life in Kansas City where you're concerned about other people's integrity but all you can do is gossip about them.

Okay it's way too late to be blogging.