Purely Sartorial / by vanessa

A couple of weeks ago at the farmer's market I was obsessing over this girl's skirt. It was a short-ish blue chambray with buttons down the front and a tie around the waist.  She paired it with black sandals and a grey t-shirt.  If I didn't care about seeming weird, I would have stalked politely asked this girl if we could be pen pals.  

2010 has been a (mostly) fiscally responsible year for me.   For the first time ever I've tracked my spending for almost two months and it's resulted -- directly and indirectly -- in some significant discoveries and gains.  A by-product of my newfound mindfulness has been that I've really curbed my shopping habit.  It's like stuff just doesn't appeal to me as much.  I've been so proud of myself for not even wanting to shop.  Until I saw her skirt.  The one I couldn't have. 

You see, I never asked the girl where she got it and instead have been thinking about it for two weeks.  I know this is totally poseur but whatever -- chalk it up to another flaw -- I didn't ask her because I didn't want to copy her *exactly*.  I wanted to find my own and pair it w/ my own blue Converse or red clogs or Frye boots and white t-shirt or tank top.  In retrospect I would have made it my own anyway, but hindsight's a mug.

So I'm tickled to say that I happened upon this skirt.  Which is not exactly like that girl's but is close enough so that I can still picture it with the aforementioned accouterments.
photo courtesy:  green olives design
Cute, right?   

P.S.  I'd like to think that that was the end of my shopping extravaganza, but this weekend I went to the Unique LA "Art Show" which was really just an excuse to Christmas shop in April for myself and someone (I have no idea who) who is going to have a baby.  I got swept up in the craft frenzy and now I'm bummed I can't take anything back.
P.P.S.  Damn Zac Posen and Target for collaborating.   Thumbs up on the yellow raincoat.  Thumbs down on the impulse skirt purchase, which I will be taking back because I realized (albeit delayed) that I've reached the age where wearing ruffles -- even if paired w/ motorcycle boots -- is just inappropriate.  Unless I'm on the red carpet or my name is Cate Blanchett.  
P.P.P.S.  Remember those red clogs that I was just SO sure were way ahead of their time?  Well I wore them to the art show this weekend.  I was right.  I did get stopped -- 3 times! -- and asked where I got them, twice sparking long conversations about the best clog sites on the internet.  It was basically like my dream come true: strangers acknowledging my sartorial prowess and then asking me where I shop.  Unfortunately, my dream ended in a record scratch with the realization that all the women who asked were a median age of probably 60 and the kind who think it's stylish to wear turtlenecks with knitted vests and earrings with cats on them (and none of it in the ironic way).

Thank you Lolo for coming this weekend.  Your visit was just what I needed.