...psychotics tend to make the first move. / by vanessa

I think maybe because of Facebook, it's harder for me to blog. Nevertheless, I am in NY again. I arrived this morning and met Kristin in the West Village. We started w/ coffee from Jack's, which gives Stumptown a spirited run for its money (though the pennant is still intact). After a near perfect latte, Kristin insisted on taking me to Patisserie Claude's. Oh, she is a good friend. The BEST chocolate croissant I've ever had. And I've had a lot. So we've basically been on an eating tour of the city; I may actually gain weight this trip.

I'm watching the Rays / Sox game right now, and the cow bell is completely annoying. Cow bells are like soccer moms who say shit like, "fo' shizzle" in all seriousness. I guess I should say, I *was* watching the game, since the Rays just won.

I actually have more to write about, but work calls.