Post for the New Year / by vanessa

1. Just posted the new schedule as I just received it yesterday.
2. Yep, still not done w/ my last essay. Aargh.
3. I've been having some really strange dreams lately. In the words of Doug Martsch (sp?), and forgive if I've quoted this online before... "no one wants to hear what you dream about unless you dream about them", but what the hell. Here goes:
About two weeks ago, I had the coolest dream that part of my new job responsibilities were to fly jets. I had no formal training, but I had this really cool boss, who told me what to do and then trusted me to pick it up. He was sitting in the back seat in case anything went wrong, but there I was flying! If it's possible to feel exhilarated while dreaming that's how I felt. I flew over buildings, over the Pacific, and practiced my landings. Do you ever have those dreams that are so good you don't want them to end and then they lift your spirits in waking life as well?
Second dream: the very next night I had this dream that my grandma, who died when I was 14, came back from heaven so that I could hug her goodbye one last time. Growing up my brothers and I spent every summer with her at her home in Granada Hills, CA. I have the fondest memories of her speaking to me in Italian, her incredible cooking, the pool that she couldn't coax us from, the orange trees that we'd climb... I think I was about 7 or so when we found out that she had colon cancer. The next time I saw her she had a bag coming out of her stomach which I was completely grossed out by. Now of course, I wouldn't mind the bag if I could have her back, but I was a kid and didn't understand. She held on several more years until eventually the cancer spread throughout her body. The summer before I entered 10th grade was the first summer that I missed going to my grandma's. I had gotten into a big fight w/ my dad just after summer break commenced and it was decided that I would go to live w/ my other grandma in Illinois. That November she died. I was at a party when I got the call. I didn't get to go to her memorial - I think money was tight. Her leaving didn't hit me right away and only recently has she come to visit me in my dreams. I didn't expect this last dream as I guess I thought I've sort of dealt w/ her passing through yoga and dreams, but it was a welcome surprise. In my dream she was much younger than I remember her and so happy and healthy. I woke up wondering who she might have become.
Finally: Last night I had two separate dreams -- I woke up in between them, the first being that I was living in the middle ages and trying to escape a war. I woke up and fell back to sleep dreaming that now I was living in the 18th century and again trying to escape being hunted. Frightening dreams but I find it very cool how real it felt to be transported back centuries.