Phase One in which Doris gets her oats... / by vanessa

I decided today that I'm going to try an experiment. My boy Gandhi did that shizz all the time, right? So here it is: for the next 30 days (or really 29 since I *owned* it today), I'm going to live by 3 simple principles:

1. Do something active.
2. Do something creative.
3. Do something nice.

I have no problem documenting the healthy and the creative, but I kinda feel like a tool telling you how nice I am. (Whoever you are.)

Here's what I've done for today:
1. Ran at the ocean and did the 4th street stairs.
2. Wrote my first version of a new story.
3. I use a Moleskine graph-lined sketchbook at work for notes, to-do items and such. Someone admired it but said she refuses to buy a notebook for work because she can't get reimbursed for it. So today I went to the architectural supply store and bought it for her. I think I'm going to expense it though. Does that still count? Just kidding. Kinda. Damn.

*Me taking a picture of me being nice.*