peter pan / by vanessa

I have been neck deep in work lately. It's put the brakes on my blogging life just a little. Actually, I had a writin' dry spell anyway, but it was exacerbated by the fact that work has been busy and is 'bout to kick into high gear.

The latest is that I'm on this project where half of our team is in NYC. We're taking our first trip in a couple of weeks. So, for sxsw, instead of flying into Austin directly, now I'll be heading in from the East coast. I'm missing the first two days (boo) but I trust that everything is working out as it's supposed to be.


I started Level 2 of my "dance" class tonight. We learned this cool pole thing called the Peter Pan. It's probably my favorite trick so far based solely on the way it looks. It's real slow and measured-like and requires some upper body and core strength to do it.

You're supposed to bring your own music and though I didn't intentionally bring any, I did happen to have my iPod in my purse. So I did my dance to TV on the Radio. I bet they had no idea when they were recording Wolf Like Me that some girl in LA would be approximating a lap dance to it. I'm still self-conscious and get hyper-aware of my movement, but it is getting easier.

Since my roommate is about the fifth person to ask me why I want to be like a stripper, let me clarify. I don't want to be like a stripper. *Sigh*. I shouldn't have to even say that. It's a dance class for goodness sakes. This is just another way of being in your body and exercising. When I'm there I think about yoga a lot. For real. I wonder about why I feel so comfortable in asana but not in this. I wonder if I really feel comfortable in asana.

And oh yeah, let me take any ounce of mystery out of it:
1. There are only women in the class.
2. It's not about guys.
3. We are always fully clothed. Always.
4. We break down the movements to clinical detail so that it's more technical than sensual. Think of it as the female equivalent to a bunch of guys talking about how to rebuild a carburetor.
5. It's fun. And that's why I do it.

Okay... night night.