peanuts and cracker jacks / by vanessa

Went to the Dodgers game tonight. The first time I've been to Dodgers Stadium since I was little and went with my grandma. While the home team didn't fare so well, since it was a work event, the tickets we got were in this section called All You Can Eat. Seriously. And it's stadium food. I had nachos, ya'll. In part because I've been on a Mexican kick and though these can't count as anything remotely ethnic, I ordered 'em anyway. After she finished taking my order, she had to (and I'm not even kidding here) CHANGE THE CHEESE BAG. That's right. I don't even want to say what that reminds me of. Yet I still ate them. And I also had some peanuts. Both were good because ritual accounts for taste. Left at Seventh Inning Stretch. Very sleepy.